Welcome to the CARLA20233 Conference submissions page, please note the format and the corresponding labels for each type of submission. The categories created are the following:

Full Paper Track#1: High Performance Computing (HPC)
Full Paper Track#2: Artificial Intelligence using HPC Scale
Full Paper Track#3: High Performance Computing Applications


(Workshop) Good practices in HPC Management
(Workshop) BioCARLA
(Workshop) Advanced Computing Trends
(Workshop) HPC and Energy
(Workshop) Join HPC-Quantum Computing
(Workshop) Circular Architectures for Advanced Computing
(Workshop) Latin American Women on HPC
(Workshop) Energy and Resource Efficiency of Data Centers

Remember to select only one category for each contribution (Full Paper, Workshop, or Poster). It is not possible to make the same contribution for simultaneous categories (the submission will be annulled by the reviewer committee).

The format and rules for full papers are in:
The format and rules for workshop papers are in:
The format and rules for posters are in:

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